Savisaar ordered to repay over 100,000 euros to Tallinn City Government

28.05.2014, 13:37

The party financing oversight committee ruled this week that in 2003 municipal elections several politicians including Edgar Savisaar violated the political advertising law by running personal election campaigns that were declared as public information campaigns and paid for by legal persons such as Tallin City Government.

The committee ruled that the candidates who benefited from the election campaign must repay the funds to the legal persons.

This means that Edgar Savisaar should repay over 100,000 euros to the Tallinn City Government which ahead of the elections ran an extensive campaign in outdoor and TV media promoting healthy lifestyles.

For instance, a poster announcing the opening of the Hiiu stadium featured Mayor Edgar Savisaar, Deputy Mayor Arvo Sarapuu and Jaanus Mutli.

Karin Tammemägi, head of the North Tallinn city district government, was ordered to repay 280 euros in costs.

The list includes Reform Party member Urmas Kruuse, former mayor of Tartu and current Minister of Health and Labour.