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20 first Father’s Day gifts for new dads in 2024

The last year has been full of magical milestones — the first diaper change, first bath, first car ride (with some very precious cargo), the list goes on. And now, the new dad in your life is about to add something monumental to that list: his very first Father’s Day. This special occasion calls for an equally memorable present, which is exactly why I’ve rounded up a list of the best first Father’s Day gifts you can give to your husband, son, brother or another first-timer.

If he’s still in the weeds of the newborn stage, go for something that can lighten the load — emotionally or otherwise. Consider this sleep aid doodad from Dodow, created by insomniacs to get people to sleep in just eight minutes or less. Or give him a new bathrobe and plush slides that he can throw on in the middle of the night. If he’s the sentimental type, you can’t go wrong with a personalized picture book written from his baby’s point of view.

My two cents: You’re always safe going with a Father’s Day gift that highlights the many joys of fatherhood — whether it’s a digital picture frame highlighting all the good times or a dad joke button that’ll keep him laughing. With a little thought and guidance from a gift-giving expert (ahem, hello!) you can make his first Father’s Day one to remember.

Shop first Father’s Day gifts by category:


Gone are the days when he’d pour himself a cup of coffee and be able to drink it in peace — or while it’s still hot. Hardworking dads shouldn’t settle for lukewarm coffee, which is exactly why this smart mug exists. He can just brew his coffee or tea into this mug and enjoy it at his ideal drinking temperature for up to 80 minutes on a full charge, or all day if it’s sitting on the charging coaster (which, let’s face it, is probably what he needs).

$99 at Walmart


In the early days, there’s (understandably) a lot of emphasis on the relationship between Mom and baby. This babywearing shirt will help Dad bond with his baby anytime, anywhere — no wrapping, buckling or cumbersome carriers required. It’s just as much a gift for the baby as it is for Dad: “Our son doesn’t like the swing, bouncer or regular baby carrier but loves this shirt. He almost immediately falls asleep and my husband gets to bond with the baby while working, doing the dishes or lounging,” one five-star reviewer wrote.

$85 at Lalabu


Rocking a baby in the wee hours of the morning is much easier when you have some tunes to jam out to. Wireless headphones are key — they’ll be a godsend during late-night feedings or when he’s tending to a colicky baby in the middle of the workday. You can always go with the tried-and-true AirPods Pro, but tech editor Rick Broida calls these affordable alternatives “just about perfect.”

$85 at Amazon


No one appreciates a good night’s rest quite like a new parent. And since time is precious, he can use this light system to fall asleep even faster. Choose between eight- and 20-minute sessions — just inhale as the light gets brighter and exhale as it dims.

$60 at Amazon


How can you possibly sum up the experience of fatherhood in a single photo? Get him a digital picture frame so he can cycle through his favorite moments and add more as the years go on. Plus, if you buy one for the grandparents (hint, hint), you can set up a “family circle” playlist for easy sharing between frames.

$146 at Amazon


In the beginning, he needs a diaper bag stocked with all the supplies — diaper cream, extra onesies, pacifiers and the whole dang kitchen sink — but as his baby gets older, he’ll need less and less. When the time comes, he’ll be happy to have this vegan leather pack, complete with a waterproof pocket for wipes, a detachable changing pad and built-in pacifier hook.

$98 at Kibou


Because he needs to work smarter, not harder. Instead of juggling a baby and a phone, he can dedicate both hands to his pride and joy (I’m talking about his baby, obviously) and mount his phone nearby. He can clamp it to any stable surface — a desk, end table, bedframe, you name it — and adjust the neck to his liking.

$18 at Amazon

Uncommon Goods

You have two options here: Simply give the doting dad the redemption code to customize his own reel, or you can handpick seven of your favorite snapshots and surprise him. Over the years, he can celebrate his child’s milestones with a new reel — the viewer comes with a wooden holder big enough to hold 10 reels.

$35 at Uncommon Goods


This moment only happens once, so mark the occasion with a personalized picture book that he can read to his new bundle of joy. It’s told from the baby’s point of view (cue the tears) and covers all of the firsts that the two will experience together — first steps, first songs sung and so much more. Tailor it by adding their names and choosing from an array of skin tones, hair colors and styles.

$45 at Wonderbly


Now, this might be the sweetest LEGO build ever. Turn one of his baby’s photos into a mosaic made up of more than 4,500 bricks in five colors — white, light gray, dark gray, black and yellow. Once he’s done assembling it, he can proudly put it on display for all to see.

$80 at Lego


At this point, he’s barely functioning if coffee isn’t pumping through his veins. Sign him up for a monthly coffee subscription for the next three ($60), six ($120) or 12 months ($240) and he’ll get a fresh bag tailored to his tastebuds. When he redeems it, he’ll take a quick quiz about his preferences — ground or whole bean, dark or light — and Trade will tackle the rest.

$60 at Trade


It’s only a matter of time until the dad jokes start flowing. But when he needs a helping hand, he can press this button and it’ll spit out a corny, Dad-approved one-liner.

$18 at Amazon

Uncommon Goods

I’m normally against giving mugs as gifts, but then again, it kind of feels like a rite of passage for dads, don’t ya think? This color-changing mug is actually cool: It reads “Cool Dad” when it’s empty and changes to “Hot Dad” when something warm is poured inside.

$28 at Uncommon Goods

Personalization Mall

That new glider he convinced you to buy ahead of your little one’s arrival? Well, it has his name on it — but actually. Not only will this pillow give him a little extra back support, but it’ll ensure that he has just what he needs — snacks and unlimited entertainment — within reach when he’s up with the baby.

$24 at Personalization Mall


He doesn’t need an excuse to wear matching outfits with his mini me, but his first Father’s Day is a pretty good one. He’ll wear this T-shirt as a badge of honor, while his little will be the ultimate hype (wo)man. Shirts are sold separately — onesies go for $23 and the adult T-shirts start at $30. 

$23 at Etsy


One way to make the baby’s witching hour a little more bearable? A comfy ‘fit that can be thrown on without any work or thought. This beloved bathrobe from Brooklinen is your best bet — it’s incredibly plush and durable. As one reviewer put it, it’s “like your favorite towel giving you a big hug.” Pick from 11 colors, including everything from classic neutrals to seasonal hues.

$79 at Brooklinen


Every new parent faces growing pains — sometimes, literally. Between all the lifting and holding, he’s bound to feel a few aches and pains in his neck, back and shoulders. When he has a moment to spare, he can drape this heated massager over his shoulders and adjust between three speeds to work out any annoying kinks.

$50 at Amazon


Chances are, he’s spending more time at home than ever before. A trusty pair of house shoes, like these comfy cushioned slides from Lululemon, will give him the support he needs. Most reviewers say they run big, so consider sizing down if he’s between sizes.

$58 at Lululemon


The right pair of joggers is a staple for walks around the neighborhood, errands or even the laziest of Sundays at home. Vuori gets it right — this pair is soft and stretchy but has all the technical details (like a zip pocket and reflective accents) for when he’s on the move.

$98 at Vuori

The reviews quoted above reflect the most recent versions at the time of publication.

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